I can’t feel a thing

I can’t feel my mind

I can’t feel no time

for the molecules that make

just what you now see

are the ones that make me

make me still exist

‘Cause I can’t, I can’t feel no pain.

I can’t feel my heart

I can’t feel the truth

my brain starts to crack

When I realize I really

cannot perceive I exist

And the reason I live

So please let me be you

cause being myself

is more than my mind

can comprehend



Have you ever felt

like you’re made out of sand

and when the glass

you’re contained

will explode,

then you will be spilled

in your house, on the road

But you’re just an idea

that will soon be forgot

and the people you love

and the people that shine

they will shut down their eyes

when you’re into the loop

of your passive life

of your passive smile.

Freaking out.

Now the wall seems appealing

I smash my head

Now my brain’s on the ceiling

I can’t forget the unknown

human being

in front of me, inside me

My torn flesh

hides nothing

but rotten dreams




Am I playing

those notes

or somebody else

is hitting the chords?


I can’t feel a thing.

I can’t feel my mind.

I can’t feel no time

I can’t feel the truth.

I don’t know who I am,

if I still exist.


After all of those thoughts,

all the years I have missed