Men to die

in vain and apathy,

 ruled by men

who know no empathy


Resemble to rats,

we have all become nuts

and we’re sitting reminiscing

Of the glorious days,

before the dawn of our plaques.

Now we’re sitting on a globe

where there’s “Sex and Death

and Human crime

In Mono- chrome,

for one thin dime”*

All corrupted souls

in pervaded bodies

with laboratory substances.

Can’t we come out from this?

Wait,there’s a hope

that reminds of us all to simply...



Remember Remember

the 5th of November

the gunpowder treason

and plot

I see of no reason

why the gunpowder treason

should ever be forgot

In the tunnel of life

we can still find a light

to stare and to follow

Bulging eyes try to see

the lost love and faded glee,

but what hides behind them

simply is fear and fraud

in everyone’s soul

Resulting from the ‘big’ ones.

Moments with people

was a reason to live,

but now isolation

is turning us into beasts.

Yes, there are actions

that pull our strings and tell us



It’s not just a rhyme,

but it is a hope


Inner hope, inner strength

Will get us ahead

Not just wait for a man

To rule this land

On our own not alone

Remember the past

On our own not alone

we’ ll finally cast away..


Chorus x2