It all started when

the perfection was gone

Routine forced its way

into our communication

So suddenly my prince

pulled his mask aside

That’s when it begun realization

My stomach started twisting,

I heard I wasn’t listening

Another man beside me

with full logic to confront me



My mind was set

I was easily impressed


by a new acquaintance

His nature and mine

were so hard to combine

once more..


So I’ll watch what I expect from him

‘Cause the surface may distract me

One moment I may finally see

that he’s not worth all my trouble


We made no plans for creation,

our thoughts filled just with ration

That’s when I decide

I want to freeze my mind

And start over again

my way of thinking

My problem to conceive

how their mind may work

Makes it hard to believe

they have feelings

So I become immune,

male gender seems so cruel



Waiting for them to fail

madness starts to prevail




So watch what you expect from me

‘Cause the surface may distract you

One moment you may finally see

that I’m not worth all your trouble


I make no plans for creation,

my thoughts filled with negation

So I conclude to this phrase...

Expectations lead to disappointment