Hello, we are a band from Athens, Greece.

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A long long time ago, Emma met Antigone, Antigone met Marina, Marina met Emma, they all met Nikos, who in turn met Kiki in a concert. But that’s not of concern! The important thing is that these people created something new together. They created Carbonated Lemonade. Not the refreshment drink! But a refreshing team that transforms unsettled individual thoughts and ideas into music.


And why do that? Who knows? It seems they grew up finding composing music more and more attractive.  Probably thats what’s been following them throughout these years of being both friends and a band, no matter the circumstances. They say they do it "just for fun!”. In greek "epeidi goustaroume!".


The work below is a bubbly mixture of the ideas, fun, love, conflicts, concerns, dreams and perspectives of five different people in an explosive combination…

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